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Can I get $1.7bn for telling you to buy index funds?


I promise not to charge 5% and 44% like Renaissance.
The Dow and S&P did better than hedge funds in April. From Institutional Investor:

Equity long/short and event driven substrategies of the Dow Jones Hedge Fund Strategy Benchmarks excelled last month, gaining 3.5% and 3.2%, respectively. But given the type of month stocks had, what with breaking through the 13,000 barrier on the Dow in record time after experiencing a 400-plus drop in February, even the top performers trailed the stock market’s growth spurt of 5.7% and S&P500’s 4.3% in April – their best months since December 2003.

Equity long/short funds are up 7.6% YTD.
Hedge Funds Flower Through April Showers – [Institutional Investor]