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Case of the Mondays BonusBumper UPDATE

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To all the IB analysts - since everyone but you will have next Monday off (at least you get to wear jeans), here is an updated taste of your comp for this year. Recent additions include BoA (the $50k you get to just hang out for a year not included) and Bank of Montreal, despite those huge trading losses.

Base salaries for 1/2/3 years are $60k/$70k/$80k, making total (pre-tax) comp in the top tier at Goldman $170k/$200k/$235k. Of course, almost half of that bonus flies out the door instantly from taxes.
There is another analyst bonus spreadsheet running around that is much more homogenous than other initial reports, with only a couple banks bringing up the rear and everyone else matching the very top (the current $110k/$130k/$155k). I think this might be dubious, since it seems like extrapolation rather than any hard numerical report. It seems like in a lot of cases the staffers at banks are throwing the analysts a bone and saying that "sure, Bank X will match the top of the Street." Then someone plugs in the top numbers on the spreadsheet for that bank. Granted the goal is to pressure all the banks to match the top here, and bump bonuses upwards until that happens, but I'm skeptical of that report thus far.