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Cheaters May Never Prosper. But If They Did, Where Would They Work?

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Fortune just published the results of its annual “Where do B-school students want to work?” poll and, not surprisingly, many of the respondents wouldn’t mind being employed by a company that let’s you play Guitar Hero on the job (Google) or one that doles out sizeable bonuses (Goldman). Many of the banks’ places on the list seem to be trying to tell us something. Bear Stearns, for instance, clocked in at the not very impressive rank of 46. Could that have anything to do with the fact that those polled aren’t exactly jumping at the chance to work in conditions modeled after those at Walter Reed? And Citigroup—Prince’s Palace went from a respectable 2006 6th place finish to a 2007 slap in the face at 8th. Anyone want to take a gander at what that’s about?
The list isn’t exclusive to banks—apparently in addition to being cheaters, there are some M.B.A. students who care about humanity and whatnot (Toyota: 28, Mayo Clinic: 99)—but we’re not really interested in talking about PepsiCo or FedEx so we’ve ignored the others and compiled a new list, for your viewing (and heated debating) pleasure. Later, we’ll determine where in particular college seniors would like to be verbally abused and berated on a regular basis in front of their colleagues (“At Which I-bank Do You Want To Be An Analyst Peon”), upon graduation.

1.Goldman Sachs
2.Bank of America
4.Morgan Stanley
5.Lehman Brothers
6.Merrill Lynch
7.J.P Morgan Investment Bank
8.Deutsche Bank
10.J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
11.Bear Stearns
12.Barclays Capital
13.Credit Suisse First Boston
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