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CNBC: THIS Is What We Choose To Take A Stand On

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CNBC has announced an investigation into “complaints of unusual trading among some of the 20 finalists in the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challlenge [sic],” which was mercifully taken out back and shot on May 25. Ooo, insider trading, how trendy, how scandalous, how very “you are a bad boy,” indeed. While it’s true that we don’t necessarily have any hard evidence that this isn’t a plot by producers to drum up page views (on about the Challenge and CNBC in general during this “we haven’t had a reporter go down on a source in a while, we’ve got to come up with something” period, we are allowed to speculate that this is the case, are we not? When John “I Bleed For CNBC” Carney and Tim “Pre-tax Sum of $2 million” Sykes stop taking your calls, you know something’s got to be done.
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CNBC Probing Alleged Violations by Finalists in Million Dollar Challenge [CNBC]