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Credit Suisse Banker Charged With Insider Trading

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Yesterday federal prosecutors charged Hafiz Muhammad Zubair Naseem, a Credit Suisse investment banker, with insider trading. He is accused of tipping off a banker in Pakistan with information about nine corporate acquisitions, including the TXU buyout.
It appears that Naseem was more or less a full-time insider trading professional, using his position—as well as his office phone—at Credit Suisse to obtain information about deals and leak them to his foreign contact from the very start. The SEC says he began his lawbreaking “undefinedimmediately upon obtaining employment at Credit Suisse in March 2006.”
But he doesn’t seem to have been especially clever about it. This wasn’t an elaborate system of dead-drops, or tips passed along through cut-outs. Naseem was simply calling his banker-buddy in Pakistan with the information. Did he really think he’d get away with that for very long? Apparently the answer is yes.
The good news is that Credit Suisse seems to have played a role in catching him. “We immediately brought the activities of this employee to the attention of the relevant authorities,” the Swiss bank said in a statement. Since this type of insider trading is basically theft from his employers and clients, it is good to see that Credit Suisse apparently helped uncover his alleged activities.
Naseem is 37 years old, and a Pakistani national. He worked for the Global Energy Group at Credit Suisse. In addition to TXU, Naseem is accused of passing along tips involving Hydril Co., Trammell Crow Co., John H. Harland Co., Energy Partners Ltd., Veritas DGC Inc., Jacuzzi Brands Inc., Caremark Rx Inc. and NorthWestern Corp. He is charged with one count of conspiracy and 25 counts of securities fraud.
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