Creepy Koch


The 49th richest person in the world ($12bn), David Koch, co-owner (with older bro Charles) of the world's largest private company Koch Industries, wants you to know he bagged a hottie over 20 years his junior. He wants you to know this by putting it in the creepiest terms humanly possible, by giving us the image of a porcine sonogram ogler, from Page Six:

DAVID Koch, the 6-foot-6 billionaire from Kansas, is extremely proud of his lovely blond wife, Julia. "Did you know that I was just out of college when my future bride was only 6 weeks old?" Koch, 66, informed writer Gregory Speck at the American Ballet Theater gala on Monday. "Well, they say that even a blind hog sometimes finds a truffle."

Your verdict on Mrs. Koch (or how many times Mr. Koch got laid at MIT)?
Also, doesn't David look like a slightly bloated Michael Caine?
Trophy Truffle [New York Post]