Darling? Where'd you put the call options receipts?


In defiance of the Defense of Marriage Act (28 U.S.C. § 1738C) the SEC has just filed in a complaint in New York against a couple in Hong Kong who they suspect had inside Dow Jones information and used it to buy 415,000 shares of the company through their joint account with Merrill Lynch, two weeks before the news about the bid broke.
Kan King Wong and Charlotte Ka On Wong Leung made $8 million after the stock shot up 55% on May 1. A hearing is scheduled for June 18.
Not that we ever have in the past or would consider in the future engaging in insider trading, but if we did want to get into that sort of thing, we'd probably do it in a less obvious, "LOOK AT US, WE'RE INSIDER TRADING" way.
No word yet as to whether the couple plans to illegally immigrate to the United States to get amnesty for their insider trading.
Also of note: this is the second case in two days of married couple (maybe) going down for the old pump and dump.
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Take my wife, please.
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