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DealBreaker BonusBumper 2007 UPDATE

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Last week we urged you to send in those projected end of year analyst bonus numbers. Here's the info we received so far:

The sources for these range from staffers to analysts to just what random people have been hearing. Of course, SunTrust will inevitably top market, but right now Goldman and Merrill are the leaders of the pay pack, with Lehman, Piper Jaffray and Wachovia bringing up the rear. It's interesting to note that, aside from the projected third year payouts of Merrill and Goldman, banks are staying with a $20k step function for top analyst bonuses in the second and third year. This is a much smaller percentage increase to when there was a $20k step function applied to the median first year bonus of $45k back in 2004.
There are still some holes to fill in (BoA, Credit Suisse, Lazard, UBS, SunTrust), so...
Send any updates, additions or corrections to tips at dealbreaker dot com.
We also encourage any info concerning buy side base and bonus payouts for firms that don't graduate associates to a grown up bonus cycle, or from individuals who go straight to the buy side from college. I know my senior year the holy grail of recruiting pay-wise was to land one of the quant jock positions at Citadel or DE Shaw, which at the time paid $25k more base salary ($80k instead of $55k) and was rumored to provide $150k or so of total comp (opposed to the $100k you'd get if you got a $55k base and $45k bonus).