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Do Zee French Have a Point or Is John Thain Just Grossly Overpaid?

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There may be some tension in the NYSE Euronext cafeteria. Financial Times reports that Jean-François Théodore, the French John Thain (he's like JT but wears a red smoking jacket and says 'ménage à trois' instead of 'threesome'), i.e. chief executive of the Eurnoext, was paid less than a fifth of what Thain earned last year.
While Thain enjoyed a nice $9.36 million (€6.9m) paycheck, Théodore was awarded a measly €1.33m ($1.81m): barely enough to buy barely enough to buy a nice pair of frogs' legs. Lest you chalk this up to an example of Americans working harder and taking less vacations (and paying for their health care) than Europeans, and being rewarded accordingly, note this: the Euronext was more profitable than the NYSE last year, with net profits of $504m versus a paltry $205m.
There's a chance that Théodore will have an additional €200,000 thrown his way, following the Euronext’s shareholder meeting next week, if the board recommends that shareholders reward him for his “vital contribution” to the merger but at this point, we'd advise Theo (can we call him Théo?) not to accept anything less than $9.36 million (€6.9m). €200,000 is just insulting.
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