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Eating Out (On Wall Street)

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Gridskipper has compiled a list of the best places on Wall Street (Broad, Stone, etc) to eat on the days that you’re allowed to leave your desk. There are some notable absences—Harry’s, Nebraska’s, Ulysses—and we’re a little bit disappointed that they didn’t think to include any full body massage-type establishments (sometimes that’s more important than food), but it’s quasi-comprehensive and the girl who did most of the heavy lifting used to work on Wall Street so, you know, it could be helpful. If you have to buy your own power lunch, if you’re willing to take advice from the gender of (a former) banker willing to eat salad when there’s meat available, if you can stand having Russian dressing dripping on your Ferragamos while eating standing up, weigh in now!

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Wall Street Emergency Lunch Rescue Guide [Gridskipper]


New Trend On Wall Street "Lets Urban Professionals Be Savage Again"

Does the domestication of Wall Street really grind your gears? Does it kill you to sign emails "Best" or "Thx," when what you'd really like to do is walk over to the person you're corresponding with and simply grunt out your request? Are you shamed of the fact that your hands not only look like you've never done manual labor in your life but that you get regular manicures to keep lines and ragged cuticles at bay? Does it burn you up inside to order yet another lunch of salad and diet Coke via SeamlessWeb, when deep down inside you know what you should be doing for lunch is hunting and killing it yourself via bow and arrow? Does it chap your hide to no end that the JPMorgan 5K is considered a physical challenge, when real challenges are supposed to involve carrying someone for many miles on your back and being electrocuted? Do you want to bond with like-minded individuals looking to put hair on their chests and pay a fee of $80-$200 so your nipples can finally know real pain? Then Tougher Mudder* might be right for you.