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Every 42 seconds, the BEST first year analyst at Goldman makes a dollar

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Or 0.59 tubes of ChapStick, which considering how much this person is going to suck, will be sorely needed. What is the real purchasing power of these bloated analyst bonuses, or at least how long will it take to save up for that Phantom Drophead convertible?
Thanks to Forbes' "Money Meter" you can find out, and compare yourself to semi-significant people (or at least celebrities) in the process. Let's say that the BEST first year analyst at Goldman (aiming high, as he/she (well, it's Goldman, so he) should) wants to buy...Berkshire Hathaway.
The BEST Goldman first year makes $170k a year with that top tier bonus of $110k and a base of $60k. Berkshire Hathaway's market cap is around $170bn, which means that it will only take one million years (in a special version of hell) as the BEST Goldman first year IB analyst to buy Buffet's bloated baby (assuming no taxes, no growth, no premium, and that Buffet consumes the souls of the living (salmon) to stay eternally youthful). This combines the dreams of the BEST first year analyst at Goldman - he gets to be an IB analyst forever, and one day be a super big deal, or at least full of folksy wisdom.

The average American, on the other hand, makes only 22 cents on the dollar of every BEST Goldman first year. Warren Buffet makes almost $600 in this time.

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