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Going Private: A DealBreaker Reader Poll

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This morning opened with news of another private equity buyout. If this deal had happened a few years ago, it would have made headlines as a blockbuster deal. It’s not that the $24.7 billion Goldman and the Texas Pacific Group have agreed to pay for Alltell is now chump change. But in these days of mega-buyouts, it’s just one more on the list.
Last Thursday we discussed the causes of the going private boom. Is it CEOs looking for even bigger paydays than those available at public companies? Loose credit? The regulatory burden? Intemperate and impatient public markets? The jumping off point of our conversation was David Wessel’s Capital Exchange column in the Wall Street Journal. But somehow we forgot to touch down on our favorite landing strip: the minds of our readers.
So this morning we bring you a reader poll asking: what’s behind the rush out of public markets?

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