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Good news for people with orc-ish credit history

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First National Bank in conjunction with Blizzard Entertainment, publisher of World of Warcraft (WoW), is set to release a World of Warcraft Rewards Visa. This is the first deal of this kind between a bank and an online computer game. Unfortunately, the “rewards” don’t include a visit from an especially voluptuous Night Elf or a primer on emoticons as aphrodisiacs. Instead you get boringly tangible game-time. You get $0.01 toward your WoW monthly sub fee of $14.99 for every $1 spent on the Visa. WoW players like the option of killing two birds with one stone – you spend $1499 on a real life replica of the vampiric runeblade Frostmourne on QVC and spend another month alone in your basement.
Many companies are trying to take advantage of a unique pool of pre-selected sedentary consumers new advertising opportunities in online gaming, from the variety of sponsored locations in Second Life to perhaps the most famous example in 2005 when Sony Online Entertainment cut a deal with Pizza Hut that let you order pizza in Everquest II.
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