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GOOG Split?


We’re told by a trader at a New York investment boutique that Google will split 10-to-1. There have been many rumors of splits in the past but our source claims that this time it’s for real.
If he’s right, this would mark a complete about face for Google. At the Google shareholder meeting earlier this month CEO Eric Schmidt told shareholders, “We are not considering splitting and have not for a long time.” That’s about as unequivocal as you can get. So we’re maintaining a skeptical stance about this rumor.
Google’s anti-split stance, however, makes it an anomaly among public tech companies. Yahoo, eBay and Microsoft have all split. And Google’s share price—it’s closing in on $500 and some analysts predict it might go as high as $600—make it a prime candidate for splitting. High share prices are considered by many to be a barrier to investment by ordinary investors, although there doesn’t seem to be having much trouble finding willing buyers for Google shares.
One person who doesn’t seem troubled by the high share price is Eric Schmidt, who exercised options for 57,086 shares of common stock under a prearranged trading plan, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings on Tuesday.
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