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IBM does not support our troops

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Just when you thought IBM's strain of red, white, and at least Blue ran a little Deeper, the company refuses to give the brave men and women who fight overseas a chance to succeed in corporate America. IBM faces a $5mm lawsuit for firing Vietnam War veteran James Pacenza for treating his post-traumatic stress disorder. His medicine just happens to be cyber sex. From the BCC:

Mr Pacenza says that seeing his best friend killed in action while they were on patrol in Vietnam in 1969 brought on his post-traumatic stress disorder. He says that his psychological problems have left him addicted to sex, especially adult internet chat rooms. When a fellow employee at IBM told managers that Mr Pacenza was visiting such sites while at work, he was fired. The stated reason was that he visited an internet chat site for a sexual experience after he had previously been warned.

Pacenza's lawyers claim that sex addicts don't get a fair shake, and that the "disease" should be treated like alcoholism (as a great PR move?), or rabies.
US 'sex addict' sues over firing [BBC]