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I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane: A DealBreaker Reader Poll

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To hear Steve Schwarzman tell it, Blackstone went to China hoping to win the People's Republic as a client. And accidentally walked away with a $3 billion equity investment. Possibly the best business trip ever.
Ours never worked out quite like that. The trouble would start as soon as we got the the airport. We used to fly out of the country regularly for deals, and inevitably found ourselves subject to the highest level of scrutiny. Buying your ticket at the last minute and travelling alone—or with in a group of young men—apparently is a good way to get coded as a potential terrorist. We’d try to explain to the security personnel that there was no way anyone would implant a bomb in a pair of lace-up Gucci boots or a new pair of Church’s. For some reason this rarely won them over. We got so good at understanding the codes on the tickets that we could predict exactly what level of search we’d have to endure.
We’re not travelling as much these days. But, judging from our emails, a lot of you are. So we’re wondering when was the last time you had to travel for business. Below find a poll asking when you last travelled internationally for business. In the comments section below we hope you’ll share your best and worst tales of international air travel. Or at the very least tell us where you went.

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