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Introducing: The DealBreaker Career Center

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Do you hate your job? Thinking of infecting the computer system with a virus to round down fractions of a cent from interest payments and stock purchase, and transferring the difference into your own account? Don’t do it! DealBreaker is here for you.
As part of our constant campaign to improve your life, DealBreaker has partnered with eFinancialCareers to bring you the DealBreaker Career Center. You’ll find listings for that finance job you’ve always wanted.
Up right now we have an investment bank looking for a quant with one to three years in “designing and programming Hybrid Derivative models used for analyzing Hedge Fund risk and measuring cross product exposure.” Apply for this job now or else the entire global economy may collapse because this “Major NYC investment bank” doesn’t have a grip on the risk of its hedge fund clients!
If that’s not your thing, then maybe you’re looking for a job up in leafy Greenwich, Connecticut with a hedge fund. We’ve got it on the DealBreaker Career Center right now. This fund is looking for a trader who can work computers.
There’s plenty more. We’ll be checking in regularly to highlight the, uhm, highlights of the DealBreaker Career Center. You should to. Just like equity analysis, by the time you reading it on the main page, it may be too late.
And don’t say we never did anything for you.
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