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Is Dow Jones For Sale, With Or Without Rupert Murdoch?

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Is the Dow Jones & Co. for sale? The board of Dow Jones has known News Corp's offer was coming for about two weeks, a source familiar with the transaction told DealBreaker today. The Bancroft family, which owns 67% of the voting shares of the company, passed the deal onto the board for consideration, we're told. This breaks with the family's earlier pattern of rejecting previous offers from the outset. If they have passed the deal onto the board, it suggests that the Bancroft's may be open to a sale of the company. Although it doesn't guarantee that they will sell to News Corp.
The news side of the Wall Street Journal hates the idea of being owned by Murdoch, according to multiple sources familiar with sentiment within the paper. Some reporters and editors are concerned about sacrificing their independence. Basically, they're afraid Bill O’Reilly is about to turn Page One of the Journal into a No-Spin Zone.
John Carney contributed to this story.