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Is Perella Weinberg built Ford tough?

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While it may not pack the bite of a three-headed hellspawn, I-bank All Star team Perella Weinberg might get to make auto ripples of its own in helping to find a buyer for the Ford family stake in Ford. The Ford family current owns a 40% voting stake in the company, although the value of the family's shares has dropped almost 75% in value in the last 8 years (from $2.3bn to $584mm) when Bill Ford took over the company as chairman. The Ford family is playing hard to get with its potential advisor. Last month the Fo'Fam decided not to hire an investment bank, but just recently, according to several sources of Bloomberg News, the family changed its tune, and *probably* is ready to hire a bank after all.
Goldman traditionally advises Ford, but Perella Weinberg may have an ever deeper connection with the auto-maker. Peter Weinberg's grandfather Sydney was a personal advisor to Henry Ford and played an advisory role in Ford's 1956 IPO.
Despite the problems in Ford's core business, the Ford family ceding equity control of the company may be a good thing for the company, considering that Ford family control was a sticking point in a potential equity alliance with Nissan last year.
If it lands Ford, Perella Weinberg is set to have one heck of a May, as it is also the co-lead advisor in the $17.5bn Thomson bid to take over Reuters (and the bank has only done $34bn in deals since inception).
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