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It's not an IB analyst!

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The Guinness world record for sleep deprivation has been broken and to the complete shock of anyone who's worked in IB, the record breaker is not an analyst. Some random guy from Cornwall (Tony Wright) managed to stay awake for 11 days and nights. His recount, from the BBC:

During the record attempt, Mr Wright noticed his speech becoming incomprehensible at times and colours appearing very bright [now imagine he was trying to use Excel, perform line edits in pitchbooks or re-size bar graphs]. A webcam and CCTV cameras monitored him 24-hours a day [more impartial, less vindictive, than a pregnant staffer]. He argues that parts of the human brain require a different amount of sleep [the part of the brain that spreads industry comparables needs none] and it is possible to stay awake and remain functional for long periods. He said the hardest part was staying in one place - Penzance's Studio Bar [Goldman's London office] - in order to prove that he was not popping out for a sleep.

We think if the record for sleep deprivation isn't held by an analyst, the banks really aren't trying hard enough. I once has the misfortune of witnessing an analyst in my old group pull 3 all-nighters in a row, with only a few hours of sleep several nights prior. You didn't want to be near this guy on Friday afternoon of that week, trust me. My personal worst week was without irony called "Project Pleasure" (because it involved amusement parks - becausee that's somehow Tech, Media, or Telecom related) and involved several nights of going home, taking a one hour nap and showering, with the added bonus of getting yelled at by the staffer for leaving the bank and being unresponsive for 2 hours from 5am-7am.
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