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Jim Cramer Knew About the Dow Jones Bid Eleven Years Ago

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Considering that he told his bosses at Goldman Sachs about the insane money making machine that is asset management years before they did anything about it, and sensed that the Japanese were up to something, re: Pearl Harbor, on December 7-- 1935, it’s not surprising to hear what The Crames told Liz Claman yesterday about the Deal of The Century:

Rupert Murdoch called me in 1996 when DJ was in the 40s, higher than it is now, and asked me if he should make a 73 dollar bid. I suggested at the time that family would reject it and that he should go directly to it. Obviously ten years have past, the stock is substantially down, and the company may be fed up.

Of course. Cramer knows about every deal. Way in advance. Eleven years in advance. Jim Cramer is eleven years ahead of all of us. He's living in 2018 right now. He already knows about SiriusXM buying Clear Channel-- at $2/share.
Cramer on News Corp's Dow Jones Bid [CNBC]