Ken Griffin::Gordon Gekko?


One of our more charitable friends recently told us that at the Robin Hood dinner he attended last week, Michael Douglas sat next to none other than Mr. Citadel himself, Ken Griffin. Maybe it was just a completely random choice by the caterer (or maybe it didn’t happen at all—we take everything our friends in the hedge fund industry say with gigantic grains of proverbial salt (to later rub in their wounds when things go badly, because we have no souls and would shoot a puppy for a page view)), but, considering what we know about the imminence of a certain sequel, it sounds like Mike might’ve been doing some research. And that’s nice. Trying to portray his character with a hint of accuracy and whatnot.
But—Griffin? We’re not sure he’s the right model for Mr. Gekko. Too much of a “gerbil,” as high ranking official at Third Point once said, ironically quoting Gordon Gekko. He might make a good friend, but if you want a friend, get a dog. No, Griffin is not the man to inspire any Ivy League schmucks to suck his kneecaps (not even Wharton grads). But surely there’s got to be someone else up to the task.

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