Krispy Kreme looks to expand, mostly waistlines, in all 50 states


Krispy Kreme (NYSE: KKD) may be down from it's 2003 share price of around $50, and down 24% this year alone, and still recovering from the decision to oversaturate the market with wide distribution, dieting trends in the Atkins fall-out, trans-fat issues, being a public face of "obesity epidemic" stories, a $75mm shareholder lawsuit that resulted in an executive shake-up augmenting investor confidence issues with management and... (5 minutes later) ...
BUT the company is poised to turn the corner (for reals this time) and has entered expansion mode - planning to have franchises in all 50 states, according to a company disclosure filed yesterday. There's no time like the present for Krispy Kreme, as donut eating (or at least imagery) is set to ramp up this summer in conjunction with the release of The Simpsons Movie (July 27), featuring Homer reaching for a donut in teaser posters.
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