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Losing 80% of Assets Not Good Way To Make Top Hedge Fund List

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Alpha Magazine’s hedge fund rankings are in and the banks have faired quite well. JP Morgan and Goldman took 1 and 2 (despite the latter’s 6% loss last year), with $33 billion and $32.5 billion in total capital as of December 31. In third and fourth were Bridgewater Associates and DE Shaw, who both had over $30 billion. Citigroup moved up a respectable 32 places to 13th, from its previous spot at 45. Morgan Stanley clocked in at embarrassing 53, considering all the hedge funds it bought last year.
Everyone’s favorite quant fund, Renaissance Technologies was ranked in 6th place, with $26 billion in assets. Somewhere, David Leonhardt has worked himself into an apoplectic shock and plotting to send pipe bombs to Alpha headquarters.
As a side note, we’d like to thank Financial News for referring to Amaranth as a "notable absence" from the list.
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