LTCM II: Rise of the Machines


Three old LTCM employees, including co-founder Eric Rosenfeld, are opening Quantitative Alternatives LLC. Rosenfeld left Paloma Partners and teamed up with Robert Shustak of Strategic Value Partners and Bruce Wilson of Quantitative Financial Strategies to start the new Rye Brook, NY based fund. The three united in a giant quantgasm and devised a simple strategy for the new fund - let computers pick investments (and get sued if they lose over $4bn). Rosenfeld contends that as long as geniuses program them, computers can be at least as efficient as dart-throwing monkeys. The fund is currently building a human army to provide a deterrent to a machine revolt (computers like to charge 2 and 20, plus several human batteries - it gets awkward). Apply today!
Long-Term Capital's Rosenfeld Opens Fund, Person Says [Bloomberg]


By Apdency (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Men Mauling Machines

The Eclipse of the Quant remains in full effect.