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Microsoft Pays More Than A 100% Premium For aQuantive

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Officially it’s being called an 85% premium from where the stock traded yesterday. But since aQuantive’s shares were trading below $30 a few short months ago—before Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick started a frenzy of speculation about who Microsoft might acquire to get into the internet advertising business—it might be fair to say that the premium is closer to 105%.
Any way you look at the numbers is mind boggling. It’s ten times sales. It’s 45 times cash flow. It’s $6 billion.
It’s hard to make sense of this deal except to look at it through the eyes of Don Lapre.
That’s right. That Don Lapre. The man who brought us the Money making System and taught us all how we were going to get rich. Three words: Tiny classified ads.
His earnest enthusiasm provided a lot of laughs around the dorm room but the campaign also brought him a lot of criticism from those who thought his multi-level marketing plans were pyramid schemes or scams designed to separate the gullible from their money.
As it turns out, Don Lapre was just ahead of his time.

Microsoft snaps up aQuantive for $6 billion