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Murdoch Refuses To Take Hint, Lays It On Thick (But Not Too Thick) With Bancrofts

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Although they’ve continued to rebuff his advances and requests for a meeting, Rupert Murdoch noted yesterday that he and News Corp “admire the Bancroft family and the Dow Jones management. It's a great collection of assets including a great newspaper.” Of course, he went on to flatter himself as well, offering that “if we did not have strong confidence in our own business as well as in what could be created by combining News Corporation and Dow Jones, we would not have made the generous offer we did,” because, as he well knows, confidence is a major turn on.
Bloomberg notes that shares of Dow Jones had the biggest drop off in more than four years, based on the concern that Murdoch won’t be increasing his offer. The stock fell 4.8% yesterday to $52.40 at 4 p.m yesterday.
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Murdoch, Sharon and author of the sci-fi classic "MindSwap," Robert Sheckley