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Murdoch To Throw In An Extra 5 For Dow Jones?

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On Monday, Pali Research said Rupert Murdoch would “walk away” from his $5 billion bid for Dow Jones after not winning the support of the Bancroft family in a measly three weeks. Analyst Jeff Greenfield wrote in a note to clients, “We suspect News Corp. will officially announce the termination of its acquisition announcement over the course of the next couple of weeks and leave Dow Jones to fend for itself,” a conclusion he came to not by inside information or anything but just, you know, a feeling he got. All over in less than a month. Just like that.
Today Deal Journal throws a wrench in the “Eh, I’m Bored With This, says Rupert” theory with a report by Citigroup analyst William Bird. According to Bird, there’s a 65% chance that Murdoch will raise his bid to $65 and it will be accepted. We’re pretty sick of this tale, as are, it would seem, many of you, but to anyone out there who hasn’t lost interest, tell us what you think. Or don’t. Carney’ll be around soon enough with a 10,000-word dissertation of his own.
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