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New Gravity Added to Conrad Black Trial

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Yesterday, in a Chicago courtroom, prosecutors trying to take down press guy Conrad Black for racketeering brought an email into evidence that they believe stacks the cards against Mr. Black, sent from him to Donald Trump, prior to Hollinger’s 2003 shareholders’ meeting:

"Dear Donald", began Lord Black. "Could I ask a rather esoteric favour?" He continued: "Some of the [investing] institutions are engaging in an insurrection and I plan on a forceful rebuttal... If you were able to make a cameo appearance and put in a supportive word, I'm sure it would have an impact."

Does this prove guilt? Who knows. What we do know: Black got this great idea from close personal friend Dennis Kozlowski, who brought in Ken Lay (may he rest in peace…if he’s really dead...) to speak on his behalf when things were getting dicey with Tyco shareholders. (Koz had ripped it off from Stalin, who tried a similar tactic on the Soviets with the glowing recommendation of colleague Adolf Hitler).
Trial hears how Black played Trump card to mollify angry investors [The Guardian]
[Apparently the Don obliged and gave such a beautiful account of Black’s “tremendous management” that Melania was offered a spot with Hollinger’s board of directors, though in what capacity we’re unsure.]