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Optiver: All Bar-Raising Positions Welcome

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Check out the latest recruiting advert from Amsterdam based derivatives trading firm Optiver. The firm, with other branches in Sydney and Chicago, employs 280 people, but emphasizes:

At the moment there are only 20 women in Optiver, so female applicants for all positions are welcome!

We’re not sure if the double entendre is intentional, but it’s clear the firm is not shy about its motives (DealBreaker’s own BL is filling out an application for the positions of “non-stop hotness” and “wheelbarrow”). The “Culture” page of the firm’s website has a picture of a guy playing pool, which granted isn’t the wildest thing you can do in Amsterdam, but does suggest that there are photos you aren’t seeing. You are cordially invited to go to Amsterdam and party with the Optiver crew during one of the firm’s many “in-house days” to, in the firm’s words, “find out whether our culture suits you.” (We’re working on this… tell me it wouldn’t be the greatest photo essay ever)
Here’s the ad, definitely a better pick-me-up than coffee this morning: