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Pecker blows up in response to giant arms

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It’s no surprise that Andy Roddick’s arms are not on the latest cover of Men’s Fitness (pictured). The resulting fallout has been plastered all over the internets since the cover came out a couple weeks ago. Roddick even jokes about the cover on his personal blog, exclaiming, “Little did I know I have 22-inch guns and a disappearing birthmark on my right arm.” The magazine insists that they didn’t just paste Roddick’s head on some jacked dude (and that they don’t have a piss poor Photoshop guy who can at least match skin tones), but rather enhanced his existing arms, like Jax, the main guy from I, Robot or at least John McEnroe.
It is only recently, however, that news outlets (or whatever you want to call Page Six) got wind of AMI chief David Pecker’s true fury over the ordeal, as Pecker supposedly went ape on AMI editorial director Bonnie Fuller on Friday. Rumors of Fuller’s departure have circulated pretty much since she was hired at AMI to repair Star, but this may finally signal the end up the Fuller era, as further reports indicate that Bonnie is coming in late to avoid the angry Pecker, among other things.
***UPDATE: Roddick just lost in the first round of the French Open to unseeded Russian Igor Andreev, because he has arms like this.