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Perella Weinberg finally kills the rare US elephant

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Perella Weinberg, the I-banking All Star boutique founded in 2005, finally snagged a marquee US deal, right after losing another potential elephant. The bank is a co-lead advisor to Thomson in its bid to take over Reuters for $17.5bn.
Ford is the elephant that escaped. With Perella the frontrunner to land the deal, the Ford family decided not to hire an investment bank (at the moment) to decide what to do with its 40% voting stake in the company.
Despite what’s hanging over the mantle, Perella claims to be quite the avid deal hunter. Although Perella has been credited with advising $34bn in deals since inception, the firm claims it has worked on $60bn worth of now defunct deals that you don’t even know about.
Time out (Zack Morris style)… Is that a valid metric to anyone but a boutique investment bank trying to impress people? I’m sure a bulge bracket bank could say that’s it’s worked on [pick an insane and arbitrary dollar amount here] worth of “potential” deals.
The largest deal Perella ever landed was Unibail’s $19bn acquisition of Rodamco Europe, which, until now, dwarfed the firm’s largest US deal (the $700mm Pathmark sale to A&P).
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