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Sex & The Managing Director

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Think Conde Nast's Portfolio meets Sex and the City. At least that’s how we imagine the pitch meetings went when Darren Star pitched his new show, Cashmere Mafia, which is about four professional women in New York City. But where SATC emphasized the relationships of the women (it was, after all, based upon a Candace Bushnell’s dating column in the New York Observer), Cashmere Mafia will focus on the careers of its four protagonists.
They are all ridiculously successful, it seems. The sort of women who Portfolio hopes will make up its projected 40% female readership. (A highly unlikely demographic makeup for a business magazine. DealBreaker’s readership is only about 18% female.) One runs a hotel chain. Another, inevitably, is a managing director at an investment bank. (Francis O’Connor, pictured left).
The Sun reports that the pilot just wrapped filming. "The characters are all friends from business school who are in the power echelons of New York. The show is about their work and how they balance work, family and relationships and in some ways the extra workload that women have to bear in times like this," Star tells the Sun.
Cashmere is the new Sex [Sun]