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Some people leaving BoA voluntarily

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Amidst rumors of significant layoffs in institutional equity sales and trading last week (can anyone confirm?: email - tips at dealbreaker dot com), some BoA employees still get to walk out of the door voluntarily to hop on the ‘I can start a hedge fund’ train. Bank of America CIO Ian Banwell (Arthur) is taking fellow BoA execs Bob Miller (Lancelot) in the corporate investments group Jason Osier (Guenevere) from equities to start Round Table Investment Management, which will employ “research-based investing with quantitative and macro-based strategies” (its strategy is to employ all strategies, chivalrously). While not exactly a hedge fund, several of the laid-off BoA traders are forming a ZogSports Kickball team which will inevitably have a ridiculously intense pitcher who will try to ‘work the count’ against remotely athletic people and actively call in the outfield when girls are up.
Bank of America CIO leaves to launch hedge fund – [Financial News]