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Sundae Strike (and write-offs)

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Hello, everyone, Bess and Muffie here (and Equity Private in spirit).
You might have noticed there was a drop off in posts today. Many of you may have questions about it. Unfortunately, we've been advised by counsel not to talk about these matters publicly. Bess will likely be back in full capacity on Monday, but don't take that to mean anything. [Ed.'s note: Forget that! I'm not coming back until justice is served cold] Trust no one and carry a big stick. Right now we are having a group meeting, tucked away in the safe confines of Muffie’s absurdly large condo. We’re also working on private computers that cannot be accessed by prying eyes. You may have noticed that this became a problem for one of us (hence, ALL OF US) last evening. Listen here—we all took Women’s Studies 100 and know that this kind of behavior is unacceptable. Which brings us to our next order of business: Sundae Strike. We’ll be making them and we’ll be doing one for as long as it takes. There will be no work from us whatsoever at DealBreaker (or anywhere else) until some justice emerges. Not only that, but we expect your support. We are therefore putting together a little rally for the striking employees of DealBreaker to protest stuff at Cellar undisclosed location tonight around 10, if any one would like to (take a guess as to where we'll be and) show us his or her support by buying us drinks that will not in anyway be reciprocated (unless you count left-handed compliments or, even, pure insults). Wear a white pocket square (or a paper napkin for you Bear Stearns folks) so we will know you are a supporter of DealBreaker Women.

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