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The Old Ball and Chain

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Randi and Christopher Collotta, the power couple who were charged with insider trading in the biggest case since Boesky (so big it required a white board) pleaded guilty to conspiracy and fraud today.
Randi, 30, is a former employee of Morgan Stanley (and a Gemini- those Gemini's are all so duplicitous) and Chris, 34, worked in private practice (and enjoys golf on Sundays— which was, in the grand tradition of Everybody Loves Raymond—the constant source of arguments with the wife).
Prosecutors say that Collotta passed on inside stock tips to her husband while she was an associate in Morgan Stanley’s global-compliance division. The husband then passed on those tips to others, and illegal profits of hundreds of thousands of dollars theoretically resulted between September ’04 and ’05.
The Collottas were freed on $250,000 bail each, and will (presumably) return to their homes where they can bicker about whose turn it was to take out the (shredded) trash.
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