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The Poetry of A Down Day on the Markets

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The Dow fell more than 130 points on this afternoon. Investors took profits from recent market gains, reacted negatively to mixed economic data and got around to reading recent Fed policy decisions.
Just kidding. You know we don’t believe in explaining why market indexes move up or down. Or, rather, we know the one and only real reason they move up or down—it’s the aggregate effect of buying and selling of the stocks listed on the index.
We're not interested in going further than that with the canned responses to market movements. We prefer first hand stories of what it feels like on the floor or at the trading desk when the market makes dramatic jumps up or down. This afternoon we asked our favorite poet turned trader to sum up what his day was like. He’s calling his poem “Worst Effing Day.”
market is down and i'm personally a huge bear
well our biggest shorts include ibm, mnst, crox, fslr, ma and de
ibm killing me
mnst ruining me
crox leading me to drinking and drugs
fslr working barely but in past week has made me destroy 3 monitors
and countless keyboards and mice
ma finally starting to work - cant really complain yet (give it time
tho, i'm sure it will rip into close)
and de - what can i say? they make farm equipment and the stock only
knows how to go up. oh woe is me.