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The Wall Street Journal: Soon To Be 'Fair & Balanced' By Rupert Murdoch

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Shares of Dow Jones—the owner of the Wall Street Journal—have stopped trading after reports spread that News Corp. had made an unsolicited bid for the company. CNBC’s David Faber reported that the offer was $60 a share, better than $20 above where the stock traded prior to the news. Although publicly traded, the Bancroft family owns 62% of the voting stock. They have reportedly hired advisors to review the offer.
We’re inviting reader comment on the proposed acquisition, as well as speculation on which banks are advising which players in the deals. Who is working with News Corp? With the Bankcrofts? With Dow Jones? Will we be able to have WSJ feeds and stock quotes run across our MySpace page? Also, it looks like Fox Business Channel might have just picked up a lot of content.
CNBC's Faber: News Corp. Offers $60 a Share for Dow Jones [CNBC]