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Warren Buffett Hates Salmon, Native Americans

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Equal opportunity genocide supporter Warren Buffett scored another point for the good guys when he refused to meet with representatives from the Yurok, Karuk and Hoopa Valley Tribes several weeks ago to discuss why he won’t stop savagely murdering salmon. The group was capping off its cross country pilgrimage to Omaha on May 5 with a protest outside of Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder meeting and what they’d hoped (in vain) would be a few minutes to plead their case with the old boy. Unfortunately, Buffett is a hands-on chairman of the board and Buffettstock required his full attention: there were capitalists to pat on the back for making money again this year and hits to be taken from bongs made out of Coke cans and Bic pens.
If he had been able to draw himself away from the fun for one or two secs, Buffs would’ve been able to continue to defend Berkshire Hathaway’s vote against a resolution to reverse the actions of PacifiCorp, a Berkshire subsidiary, that is purportedly endangering the salmon population (and lowering the water quality) in the Northwest. The Yurok, Karuk and Hoopa Valley Tribes were attempting to demand, specifically, the removal of four Klamath damns that PacifiCorp owns, which they believe are responsible for the “decades-long decline of salmon, steelhead and other species on the Klamath River.” One commercial salmon farmer’s wife from the Klamath area, Ronnie Pellegrini, commented that her husband and his colleagues are “barely hanging onto their livelihoods because of the Klamath River crisis.” (The Pellegrini family lost 95% of its income last year).
Buffett has said that there are too many parties involved in the issue for Berkshire Hathaway to take any sort of substantive stand. One protestor (/many) don’t buy it and noted, “It would have been more heroic to agree to meet with the people affected and to put his weight behind a fair and proper solution. We all know the immense influence Buffett has; he personally saved Salomon Bros. from liquidation.” So close and yet, sO far.
Next up on Buffett’s plate to snub: Holocaust survivors. He’s lucky we love those Cavemen so much or we’d probably have a problem with that.
Warren Buffett Refuses to Meet with Klamath River Tribes and Fishermen [Indy Bay]