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Warren Buffett Is An Equal Opportunity Genocide Supporter

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We're speaking, of course, about the Sudanese and salmon, and Buffett's complacency-nay, his investment in-their death (or at least David Weidner at Market Watch is). Sure, he's pledged to give away all his money when he dies, and he's the man who brought us the Cavemen, but underneath all that loving beats a heart made of pure stone and evil. Last week, Berkshire Hathaway shareholders voted against a resolution to reverse the actions of PacifiCorp, a Berkshire subsidiary, that is apparently endangering the salmon population (and lowering the water quality) in the Northwest.
And the buck does not stop with the fish. Buffett's acolytes also shot down a call to sell Berkshire's $3.3 billion stake in PetroChina (based in Beijing). According to Weidner, the PC(U) subsidiary in the Sudan pays the government for the right to produce oil there, and those payments "support the Sudanese government and its military efforts."
Despite being told by shareholder Judith Porter that selling Berkshire's stake "will send a signal to China and to the Sudan that there are costs for continuing this destruction," Buffett backed the investment, arguing that it has nothing to do with what's going on, and that it's the Chinese government condoning the action in Darfur.
Says Weidner of the development: "Hey, if you could make a few bucks dealing with someone you know is helping hide a serial killer, why say anything? It probably wouldn't help, right?" Well no one's going to say yes to that.
Remind us never to introduce Weidner to our friend Grizzley bear. (And Dan Loeb).
Buffett: Give peace a chance, when I'm gone [MarketWatch]
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