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DealBreaker is not only a place for Wall Street gossip and a source for service journalism, but also a safe space in which readers should feel free to vent. If you have anything you want to get off your chest, we encourage you to go to your safe place (the comments section, our inbox), meet your animal guide (your keyboard), and tell us all about it. Like one loyal Dealbreaketeer who had some feelings about his time working for Tom Hudson that he needed to express.

Let's see, where should I start....ok I've got it, Tom is a total douche. I worked for the guy for a decent amount of time doing "investment related work." Typical hours were ridiculous which is fine if you are adequately compensated which everyone knows we were not. Then there was the whole idea of responsibility, when things go bad it's on you, things go well, Tom must have been magnificent. Now I know this sounds like a bitter rant from an ex-employee, but truth be told I left Pirate and have never been better. Moving on to food, this was a classic TH move, when times got rough during the summer of '06 (because someone got greedy on a few major positions and failed to adequately diversify (just a hint for investors who haven't yet bailed), Tom cut off lunch to his employees. That was fine, I didn't much care for the boring sandwiches anyway, the kicker however was not only no lunch, but no time out of the office to go and get something for ourselves, a real classy move. The guy has his head on so sideways it is ridiculous, losing his cool on down days, wait no he never was cool, so let's say going stir crazy, ok wait no he was already that too, ok well you get the point and on good days he would have the interns make margaritas because hey you can't lose money everyday (although Tom seems to try real hard). Blackberrys had to be on 24/7 which is fine, but when I am on a personal day and I almost get fired for taking "longer than necessary" to respond to an email, I start sending out resumes. Anyway, I should get back to the bloomberg terminal here, I would love to share more, I ultimately wanted to write this as a comment, but regardless...I'd love to answer any questions.

How do I get a job there?
I kid...I kid...but seriously, he needs people.