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Will anyone sell Yahoo a social network for $1bn?

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Yahoo has $1bn sitting around (of its $2.35bn of cash on the balance sheet) and it really wants to buy a social networking site with it. Yahoo's been slutting this billion around for a couple years now, and it's been in some abusive relationships. Yahoo's $1bn courtship of Mark Zuckerberg ended badly, when Zuckerberg said he could do better (it turns out he was right, unless the bubble bursts) and things got weird.
Now Yahoo's billion is on the rebound and courting British social networking site Bebo, which has 25 million users (measured against the MySpace behemoth of 100 million increasingly believable porn advertisements registered users). According to the British press, Bebo co-founder Michael Birch would rather float the company than sell it.
Yahoo is feeling a bit left out of the internet dealmaking party as of late, especially since the formation of Yacrosoft in a Yahoo/Microsoft merger is seen as (even more) unlikely after Microsoft's temporary insanity $6bn acquisition of aQuantive.
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