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Will Goldman Add Insult To Injury? (Typical)

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There’s a new sheriff in BP town but will there be one at Goldman Sachs, too? The boys at Rupert Murdoch’s Deal Journal note that Lord Browne (John Browne, Baron Browne of Madingley) has been a director at Goldman since 1999 and wonder if recent revelations might threaten that position. The London Times reports that Browne will lose his night job (and the $500,000/year that comes with), though their sources were unnamed and Goldman representatives declined to comment. The Lord will retain his role on the advisory board (as chairman) of Apax Partners Worldwide, the U.K. p.e. firm, but, as Deal Journal points out, us provincial Americans, and the extremely image conscious Goldman Sachs in particular, may not be willing to overlook Browne’s use of company funds (and perjury).
While we can vouch that Goldman—more so than other banks we’ve encountered—is a bit fanatical about its reputation, and has instilled a certain fear in its employees (whenever we IM our friends at 85 Broad for insider information or for a recap on their nights at Tejune, they hardly ever write back), perhaps they’ll overlook what happened across the pond in light of Browne's business acumen (and because he wasn’t using their money, hence, not their problem). It’s not like Lloyd Blankefein doesn’t have any skeletons of his own (Magic Mountain is all we can say and we've already said too much).

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