Wolfowitz Panel Deems Itself Unnecessary, Tardy


We’re not saying that Paul Wolfowitz didn’t use his position at the World Bank to get laid (by giving an unjustifiable pay raise and promotion to his girlfriend, Shaha Ali Riza), that his presidency hasn’t been a disaster, or that he’s not basically the devil incarnate. But as individuals who speak from experience about the importance of innocence until proven guilt, we kind of have to say our hearts went out to the old rapscallion after reading the Times’ lede this morning, as apparently written by CNN's Nancy Grace:

The World Bank committee investigating misconduct charges against Paul D. Wolfowitz, the bank president, failed to complete its review on schedule this weekend, but bank officials said the panel would eventually find that he violated bank rules barring conflicts of interest.

The NYT noted that it was not clear why the committee, made up of 7 members of the bank’s board (out of 24), hadn’t be able to finish its review on schedule—especially since its already decided the outcome—but offered that bank officials had said it was “because of difficulties in drafting the particulars against Mr. Wolfowitz, not because there were any negotiations to arrange for him to resign voluntarily before the draft was completed. The committee is considering whether to recommend an outright removal or some kind of no-confidence vote that may persuade him to resign.” Though you kind of have wonder why Wolfowitz hasn’t just pulled the trigger already; things have probably gotten pretty awkward around the World Bank cafeteria.
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