Wolfowitz Panel Makes Accusation of Guilt Official


When we went home yesterday (at noon), the 7 board members of the World Bank who were to decide whether or not Paul Wolfowitz was in the wrong, re: giving an unjustifiable pay raise and promotion to his girlfriend, Shaha Ali Riza, were running a day late on turning in their review, even though bank officials had already told the Times that the panel would “eventually find that [Wolfowitz] had violated bank rules barring conflicts of interest.”
Last evening, they finally got around to doing whatever they needed to do to make it official (spell check?), and decided Mr. President’s actions had, indeed, represented a conflict of interest, and had broken internal rules. The panel made no recommendation on how Wolfowitz should be reprimanded, leaving it up to a meeting of the 24-nation World Bank board, scheduled for later this week. An official with the bank said that The Wolf will not resign over the controversy, despite the “widespread feeling” that it is “Wolfowitz to finish his term because of the damage to the bank's credibility and its ability to be effective.”
While we wouldn’t stop you if you were so inclined to register the website www.firewolfowitz.com, do it for the right reasons: maybe because you think his presidency has been a disaster*, not because he might’ve thrown a few dollars that weren’t his own at the ladies. There is, after all, a long tradition (Todd Thomson, $xxx for "airfare") of public(ish) service (Lord Browne, $xx.xx for two hours of "consulting") and perks which include the attention of pretty women who are not your wife. Let's raise the level of discourse here.**
World Bank panel finds Wolfowitz broke rules [Reuters]
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*or not! Everyone can have their own opine on DB; just remember your safe word.
**well, not here, here.