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You have been poked by a gay Arab, until now

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UPDATE : Turns out this whole thing may have been a hoax, if you refer to the "official letter" from facebook on the petition group's page.
Here is the original story:
Gay Arabs have been banned from facebook. Actually, facebook just forced the shut-down of the group "Arab LBTG" after facing pressure from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other fun places. Does this mean that prominent clerics (druids, rogues and wizards) troll social networking sites looking for offensive material, tagging every Arab with a beer funnel or cleavage shot?
There is already a facebook group in protest - "You might be an official Petition to prevent Arab LBTG from being shut down, if ...bitch!"
Facebook [or someone posing as a facebook admin] sent a very formal letter to the original group, which contained the following (kind of whiny) plea:

You have violated the terms of conduct you agreed upon when you signed up with Your violations fall in the following criteria:
(...)Creating a global group that is not allowed in some regions. Your group "Arab LBTGAY(Lesbian,bisexual,transexual and gay)" has put facebook in trouble as we received an official complaint from the Saudi government, the Egyptian government and other Arab governments that do not want to be mentioned. Your Group must be shut down or a new Group with a specified network other than the two mentioned may be created. We are very sorry as we support any group but the countries mentioned are threatening to block our server from their side, therefore please comply.

Can facebook stipulate that users should not 'create a group that is not allowed in some regions'? Is that the user's responsibility? Liability has not been clearly defined in the social networking sphere (anyone know of any pending legal battles?), and facebook is setting a precedent of holding users responsible for the site's access points (and policing content).
Facebook kills Arab LBTG group to appease mideast govs - [BoingBoing]