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You know, I think an OxyContin is better than a Tic Tac, and way better than a Certs

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Purdue Pharma, maker of OxyContin, is set to pay $600mm in fines after pleading guilty to misleading doctors, patients, regulators, Rush Limbaugh and test animals about the drug. The company’s president, lawyer and former medical director also agreed to pay $34.5mm in fines after pleading guilty to “misbranding” charges. The $600mm fine is the third largest for a drug company in such a case and the $34.5mm fine against the executives is not going to speed construction on that beach house.
The misbranding/misleading/misbehaving - it turns out, and you may want to sit down for this, that OxyContin is addictive and can be abused. Purdue Pharma contended that since OxyContin works through a time-released mechanism, it was magic, and therefore prevented the drug’s active ingredient oxycodone from flooding your system all at once. So forget that oxycodone is an extremely potent narcotic that can elicit heroin-like “highs” and that OxyContin is pure oxycodone designed for treatment of intense and lasting pain. By marketing the drug as little more than a Tylenol Gelcap (it’s time-released!), Purdue Pharma thought everything was cool. To its credit, the company did think that marketing OxyContin as a Flintstone Kids Vitamin was unethical (also rejected - an "OxyContin - the Freshmaker!" campaign).
Continuing the mislead-athon Purdue Pharma sales officials started distributing fake scientific charts and promising happy endings to doctors who would peddle the drug. Purdue Pharma definitely had a reason to make sure OxyContin would sell, in that it accounts for up to 90% of the company’s revenue in any given period. The drug generated $2.8bn in revenue in a six-year period from 1995-2001.
The fines will be split among lawsuit settlements, the federal government and state agencies.
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