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You People Don't Know From Sweat Shops

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It probably won’t tug too hard at the heartstrings of anyone who works in finance, but apparently the turnover rate at is astounding. Same thing in your line of work, right? Right. But do people leave their finance posts not long after they’ve started because of “sweat shop” conditions? (No one from Pirate Capital answer that. Or any first-years. Or Bear Stearns employees). The Observer reporters that at least 50 editorial departures have taken place since early 2005. The main source of trouble in paradise? Pressure over page views (although management claims its because they “have a big target on their backs…we’re the first place that our competitors come to poach.”). It’s apparently taken over the integrity of the (online) publication! We hate to see the Forbeteers beating themselves up over this so we thought we’d offer some tricks for getting some hits:
- Two words: Dick Fuld. Two more words: Body Butter.
- Bring back PC World’s “20th Worst Tech Product of All Time”: the CueCat.
- Quant Centerfolds (yes, James Simons, yes)
- More “In the Pictures” (i.e. content for the illiterate segment of your audience).
- As one former staffer suggested, "Everyone should do the poor staff a favor and go click some headlines today – if you can find any amongst the pop-ups, page takeovers and AP wire stories."
Good luck!
Revolt of the Page-Slaves? [NYO]