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Apple's iPhone Only Has One Button!

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In a new controversy for the most contentious product untouched by human hands, the New York Times reports today that the conspicuous absence of a mechanical keyboard on Apple's iPhone (to be released June 29) may turn potential users away. The iPhone has a single button with tactile response and all typing is done by "pecking" on the 3.5 inch screen. Despite Steve Jobs' reassurances, some are concerned that consumers won't have the patience for the iPhone's multitouch technology.
Sky Dayton, CEO of the rival Helio said, "There has never been a massively successful consumer device based solely on a touch screen." Mumbling beneath the marketing blitzkrieg, even Apple concedes that the product may take several days to learn.
But since this problem exists in reality, rather than just on the rumor-mongering internets, don't expect the stock of Apple to tank on the news. Remember: news doesn't matter. Only rumors do.
[Senior button correspondent Peter Ribic contributed this report while eating an Apple.]
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