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Bear Stearns: now that you mention it, that subprime fund IPO not the best idea right now

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With the near collapse of its Sometime Secured High Fructose Professional Grade Financial Derivative Leveraged Fiscal Prudence Nomenclatural Triumph Fund (and sidekick – Crappy Subprime Fund II), Bear Stearns will not be engaging in an IPO of a riskier high yield slug of the aforementioned funds’ former securities.
The resulting fund, more elegantly named Everquest, had established a $200mm credit line from Citi and was ready to go public, having filed a preliminary S-1 on May 9.
How aligned is Everquest and Bear’s nearly failed funds? Very, according to the Everquest IPO filing. The two Bear subprime funds searching for a salvaging strategy owned 67% of Everquest’s ordinary shares at the end of last year, and certain transactions involving Everquest's managers must be approved by "disinterested" directors on the company's board, MarketWatch reports.
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